Friday, February 11, 2011

Explaining addiction

Almost all of these were made from scraps a quilting friend gave me last fall.
I have a very hard time keeping warm in winter. I usually have three layers on at least, but still find it difficult to stay warm, which means I require a blanket. I love blankets! But, they're kind of a pain when it comes to sewing at my machine, and all the moving around it takes in my sewing room.

That, my friends, is my excuse reason for being addicted to hexagons right now. I can sit in the living room (which is the warmest room of our house) and baste hexagons while sitting under a blanket. The added bonus is I can watch tv while stitching them.

And it's even better on a day like today when I am wearing my hoodie that has the hand warmer sleeves!!!

I've been playing around with needlework/embroidery during this cold spell, too. The Henrietta Whiskers BOM kept me busy during the ice storm, and after initial machine piecing I was able to get warm again under my trusty blanket.

This has me thinking perhaps I need to do more embellishment. Maybe take some ideas floating in my head, piece them, and then do some sort of fun embroidery on them. That way the hands will stay busy which keeps the mind quieter.

I have a bunch of Other things I need to do, though! I have too many UFO's and need to start finishing rather than procrastinating. Or at least it feels like procrastinating, even though I have a goal for these hexies...

But take today: I had wanted to clean/organize my sewing room, all because my brother will be passing through on Sunday to see our house for the first time. Right now, he'd look in there and shake his head that his messy little sister still can't keep "her room" clean. So I wanted to clean, but after 5 minutes in there, I was shivering uncontrollably, and so I grabbed the rest of Sally's scrap bag and headed back to the living room...

 After basting somewhere between 300 and 400 and storing them safely away from a swinging dog tail, I am cutting up more scraps for more hexagons piece and quiet.
This is the last of what was a medium-sized plastic bag filled with her scraps (and oh what lovely scraps they are!). We're talking larger than a normal grocery bag, but not quite the huge kind from Joann's. Still, that's a lot of fabric! My rough estimate is that I will end up with at least 1000 hexagons from Sally's scraps. Sally, thank you for your generosity!

I will probably still be sewing these to and from Florida next month. I guess I should look up TSA regulations and find some scissors that won't get me a full body search! It's going to be odd enough explaining the black box Mom and I will have with us....

"Excuse me, ladies, what's in the box?
"Oh, that's my dad. We're spreading him in the gulf."

I'm laughing already thinking about it!!


  1. I made a bunch of hexagons, so I do know how addicting they are.

  2. me encantan tus hexagonos, se pueden realizar de restos de tela y quedan muy bonitos trabajos...excelente fin de semana...

    I love your hexagons, can be made of fabric scraps and are very nice work ... great weekend ...


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