Monday, January 31, 2011

Oh, sNOw!!!

It has started already... for once, the hourly function on my weather app was spot on. It's not often you see 100% chance of snow, but that's what we have tonight and tomorrow. Yeesh. I'm glad we got 2 half gallons of milk (they were out of gallons.... this happens on a normal Monday here, so I wasn't totally surprised) and did our Big grocery shop for this week. Tim was with me, which means we spent more than usual (he's indulgent sometimes... today it was picking out a Godiva dark chocolate bar for me) but if this storm is as bad as predicted, it will be a very good thing that we have all the food we need for a week.

In case I'm snowed in (ICISI), I have projects lined up to keep me busy:
1. Bunny Hill Designs  has a free block of the month, Henrietta Whiskers. It's simply too darn cute not to at least make a block or two! I made the background of block one today, figuring I'd do the applique tomorrow ICISI.
2. There's still more assembly to be done on RRCB. I don't know what has caused me to stagnate, but I'm blaming it on the cold. So, I could just suck it up an get it done.
3. My hexagons are nearing the end- for the pillow, anyway. ICISI, I might get it to the quilting stage quicker than anticipated.

Now that I've established a plan, I hope the forecast fizzles a bit!!!!

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