Sunday, August 29, 2010


Another semester of graduate school starts tomorrow... I am really glad that I am only taking one class this semester since the rest of our lives are in limbo. Moving won't be as big of a deal, nor will any other catastrophes/celebrations/etc.

It is still strange to be starting my second semester tomorrow, though. I am really looking forward to this poetry class, but at the same time the self-doubt keeps trying to claw its way up. Must ignore negativity from within!!! This class is also kind of a barometer for future success in poetry, since it will be my first graduate level course. If I can make it through this, then I should be able to pursue my creative goal of melding my poetry and my sewing.

As far as sewing goes, today was less productive than most (at least so far). I made a pie wrap. It should be relatively simple to crank out 5 more for the Pay It Forward Festival. If I can do that, combined with the 27 reusable sleeves I already have made, I should definitely turn a profit and be able to donate an additional amount to the festival. I'm trying to figure out what one other item I can make (or make more of). Simple, quick, cheap, but some level of Wow-factor... hmm. TIme to ponder. Good thing I don't have much to do! And, hopefully what homework I get won't be too intense!

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