Saturday, August 14, 2010

Smiling again

Even though I did not win anything at the quilt show, I am very glad I entered. I enjoyed most of the experience, but it took me until tonight when I went to pick up my quilt to realize how much I enjoyed it. It didn't hurt to have the other ladies oooo over my quilt a little, either... Their admiration reinstated a little of the confidence that had been shattered. Those delightful women also reminded me of one very important thing: I am young, and have many, many years ahead of me in which to practice and perfect my work.
I also ran into Sally, a lady I had met when dropping off my quilt. I lost her card the first time so she gave me another. I need to call her so I can go see her studio... I was jealous just hearing about it, so I can't wait to see it!
I really love my fellow quilters. Sometimes, it takes some of them a minute to realize I am one, not some tag-a-long, but once they find out I quilt, too, there's this instant bond, this look that says, "I have a secret stash of fabric, too."
Switching topics 180 degrees... I am SO EXCITED right now because there is a Chicago Bears preseason game on tv!!!! Hooray, football is almost back!!! If we move 2 hours south, I hope it's not too far- We'll have to get cable if necessary so I can watch Da Bears!

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