Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I forgot

Class went well last night, but I forgot how tired school makes me! I took a good nap today. I think the fatigue comes in part from driving half hour there and half hour home, but probably also from how hard I have to work to pay attention! As it was, I was more fidgety than a flock of finches. I know I could "fix" the attention and fidgets by taking my Adderall, but frankly, I would rather sleep and have to work to pay attention than take meds that brings insomnia and a racing, skipping heart.

I made an apron tonight. I added it to my pile of things for the PIFF. 25 days!!! If I sold everything I have made thus far, I should bring home $200. I would be happy with that, but I want to make more and hopefully increase the likelihood of bringing home more money, at least enough to make a student loan payment. That would be nice, especially since they are technically "deferred" while I work on my MFA, but we have been paying when we can afford it anyway. So, to make my own payment from the little things I make for fun would be AWESOME!!!!

So, what to make next? Probably some more pie wrappers... I want to make extras if I have time because I think they would be cool Christmas gifts for some of my relatives!

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