Thursday, August 19, 2010

My husband is addicted to knives.

Seriously, some men just LOVE weapons. My husband loves guns and knives. He just bought several new ones, three of which have sandstorm handles. The only reason I mention this is that they have inspired a quilt that I will make him for Christmas!!! If it turns out, it will be awesome.

We went to see The Expendables today. I thought it was entertaining, but probably because I did not expect Oscar-winning performances, but rather lots of action. In that category, it was pretty sweet.

I also posted 2 more items on Etsy...

Reusable coffee sleeves!

Reusable coffee sleeves set 2!

Having been a barista for 1.5 years, I endured a lot of customers asking for "one of those brown thingies" so this is my answer to the incredible waste of cardboard that sleeves often seemed to be. Hopefully, others will see the point.

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