Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Oh, happy day!

I spent 4 wonderful hours at the house of a new friend, Sally. I met her over the weekend at the Essenhaus Quilt Show, and she was kind enough to invite me to come see her Wonderful World of Quilting... I think I'm still drooling. Her set-up is amazing. She has a husband more tolerant than mine even (didn't know that was possible!). She reigns over their entire basement and a large room upstairs, and has more fabric than I have seen outside of a quilt shop! I LOVE IT!!! (I want to be like Sally "when I grow up")

She is not only an amazing quilter, but a very kind person, and giving. She gave me a bag of scraps (EEE!) and a couple pieces of upholstery fabric that might become a new school bag (I have a Very hard time accepting gifts of any sort, so I limited my "plunder" to 5 pieces... also, this way I should be able to use them all before we move, which could be October pleaseohplease). It was a very wonderful afternoon. She invited me back to come sew sometime, which I will have to do.

Also, she has guinea pigs!!! They were so cute! I love critters of all kinds. :)

Upon arriving home, I petted the upholstery fabric a little, then reheated some pesketti 'n' meatballs. Then I got the Butterfly Houses ironed again, cut the lavender border, then pieced the exterior border, and voila!

After having read a complete stranger's blog, I have reaffirmed the fact that I need to read Eat, Pray, Love. MUST, not need. So, perhaps tomorrow when I'm out getting more coffee I can squeeze a stop in at Border's... Tim usually doesn't mind going there with me. They have gun magazines. But for now, i need to get some sleep. I felt almost narcoleptic when I was piecing the outside border... is it possible to fall asleep mid-seam?

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