Monday, August 16, 2010

Making do

I absolutely love my free motion foot. However, moving the fabric underneath seems like it would be a lot easier with a frame, but given the financial constraints (read: I am a graduate student and homemaker; neither comes with a salary) it's simply not feasible right now. So, using my imagination, I had what might turn out to be a brilliant idea... I took two empty paper towel rolls and rolled up the ends of my table runner
Call it "upcycling" if you will. Paper towel rolls turned into a makeshift frame.
I did not do any actual quilting on it tonight; I want to try this with some scrap fabric first... but the table runner is ready to go.
I also work on a fun project. When I picked my dearest love up in June, I had extra time, so of course I went to a fabric store. I found a set of fat quarters that were on clearance-- 15 of them for ~$9, so I got them. I had no idea what I wanted to make (I implemented a rule against that at the beginning of this month in an attempt to shrink the stash before school starts). About a week ago, I made a wonky house... then another yesterday, and three more today. By this time, it was after nine, but I decided to press on while I knew what I wanted to do with them, and while I was pretty sure I had the measurements for the multi-colored fabric to go between. Here's the end product, finished about 10 minutes ago:
"Butterfly Houses"
I am rather pleased with it. I have some lavender floral fabric that will make a nice border (the picture looks darker thanks to our oh-so-well lit house). I am loving the Butterfly Houses. I might have to keep it... :)

I found a nail to hang up some of my supplies while I was being so productive tonight. We have nails all over; why not put one to use?

Goodnight, finally. I better sleep well tonight again!

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