Friday, August 13, 2010

First quilt show, and what I learned...

My quilt got stuck in a corner. I think it was too bright and different for the organizers. I am still glad i entered, and since I got in free twice already, I'm actually a dollar ahead. However, I am disappointed that the winners had ALL used other people's patterns, and it seemed like there was no acknowledgement for originality. I met a lovely lady the day I dropped off my quilt, and her quilts were far superior to mine, not only in quilting design (she has a longarm, which makes me jealous!), but also she had designed fabulous quilt tops, not just used someone else's pattern. The quilt that won the whole shebang was a Dear Jane... not to take away from the attnetion to detail and skilled work, but what about Sue's sunflowers? To me, the fact that she created the whole design would have scored extra points. For this reason, I suggested they add a category for Original designs. Mais helas.

Here's a simplified version of what I learned:

1. In Amish country, art will never win over tradition.
2. Until I turn 60 and by then maybe look 40, I should stop being surprised when they assume I'm someone's child, not one of the quilters.
3. I never want to know the calorie count at Essenhaus. EVER. 

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