Friday, August 20, 2010


Secret secret! Well, not really. My husband got his new knives, and I spoke before thinking and said, "I could make a quilt like those handles!" Damn and blast, now he knows what he's getting for Christmas. I made him promise that he wouldn't peek while I make it, though, so it will probably still surprise him.

I spent the evening cutting fabric into strips. I am going to try my first bargello quilt. Can someone please tell me how that is pronounced? Is it barge-ello, barg-ello, or some sort of foreign sounding variation? Either way, I am going to attempt to use that technique to replicate an impression of three Busse knife handles. We'll see how this goes, both the technique and creation of the vision in my head.


  1. I think it's pronounced: bar-jello (soft g).

    what are you studying in grad school?


  2. I'm working towards an MFA in poetry (assuming my first graduate level poetry class goes well!!) with the intention of integrating quilting and poetry... it's funny, I was wondering if this was even possible, then I picked up a magazine and the first article I read when i got home was one two women who work together to do this. Why not make it all myself?


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