Friday, August 27, 2010


Tim's back at work, so I have time to work on his Xmas present. HOWEVER, it is kind of difficult to finish a quilt top if you forget to get the background fabric when you go to the craft store!!! ARGH! Hmm... looks like I'll be heading back there (AGAIN). However, I am now up to 17 finished sleeves that I have earmarked for the Pay It Forward Festival in September.... yay!!! My goal is to donate 5% of my proceeds to the charity that the festival is honoring-- The organizers want to put a play area in the park in memory of a little girl who lost her battle with brain cancer last year. If I make a decent profit, I will probably double that. Cancer sucks, plain and simple. It was one thing to lose my dad to it after 10 years of fighting last October, but I cannot imagine losing a such a little girl.

On a happier note, I discovered a great book today-- The Civil War Diary Quilt. It has 121 blocks inspired by several women's diaries during the Civil War. I actually got emotional reading some of the diary entries (perhaps because Tim's deployment is still fresh enough I can remember the anxiety of not knowing how your loved one is doing... or maybe I've just gotten soft, which is ok). I am pondering projects using some of the blocks, like maybe a hanging organizer, or a table runner, or something... whatever I do, I have some green, cream, and burgundy fabrics that would play nicely together.

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