Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Another hexie caddy? Are you crazy?

A few weeks ago...

Me, in a text: Look, I finally finished my pincushion! Can you believe this took 7.5 hours? But isn't it cool? I can put my scissors and things int he center.

no response.... until the next morning...

Him: I like your pen holder. Will you make me one?

Me: What pen holder?

Him: The picture you sent last night.

Me: It's not a pen holder. It's a pincushion. And it took 7.5 hours to stitch by hand. So no.

Him: Please? I love you, Wif!

Fast forward to Sunday...

I said I would never make another one of these... but what can you do when your husband asks nicely and bats his giant blue eyes? He loves his pincushion pen holder. It's now sitting on his desk, which we inherited from my dad. Mom wants to turn his old office into a craft room, so we got the desk. You should see my husband sitting at it- he's never had a proper desk before, so he sits there like he's surveying a domain and all I can do is imagine a paper crown perched on his head to match the expression.

Making the pincushion pen holder wasn't so bad this time- I machine pieced the outside pieces this time which worked much better for me. I made this one in 3 hours- A much quicker finish! We downloaded the free month trial of Netflix, so while Tim went to work, I watched Season 6 of The Office as I worked on the caddy.

I've decided today is a two pot of coffee day. We went out to dinner with our friends, the Devines, last night, and ended up being gone until 1:30!!! I haven't been out that late since before we got married! But it was a very fun evening. Dinner at Outback, then we all watched a movie at their house... they have two girls, one 4, the other 4 months, and the older girl absolutely LOVES me. She latches on when i get their, and practically had to be pried off to go to bed last night. She's a stitch. It also made for some confusion to the waitress as to who belonged to whom.... I carried her in, followed by her dad, then her mom had the little baby, then Tim came in last since he had held the outside door for everyone, and then we all shuffled to be back with our spouses and my 4yr-old BFF Makayla made a human bridge between both couples, holding my hand and her dad's.

Here's to good friends, and good times. But for now... Nap time!

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