Friday, January 7, 2011


Today, all I can think about is how I never would have made the Quiltville mystery quilt if I had known what I was in for. So, I am grateful that it was a mystery, because I have since begun to appreciate small pieces that before seemed tedious, and I think it has helped with some control issues well, yes, control issues.

Don't these blocks look pretty, though? I know some others who used a yellow were not happy, and more weren't happy with their overall contrast, but I love how the yellow glows! I still need to catch up on the string blocks... I only have 20 done, so I still to make 60 and then cut them and resew into the neutral blocks.... so, I hope to have this done in time for the fair! I want to enter it into the fair- that is, if our fair does quilts. Our county is pretty small (30,000- that's 20,000 smaller than the last city I lived in!), and there isn't a website for the fair or anything, just dates in June.... so hopefully they actually have a whole fair, not just livestock. Either way, June is my goal for finishing the whole thing. And if I love it enough AND get a job soon, I'll pay to have it quilted by someone with a better setup than mine so that it will be worthy of being our guest bedroom comforter. :)

I'm setting deadlines for all new projects this year. June for the Mystery quilt, since no matter what happens I should be able to make that goal. Anything else that I start will be assigned a deadline so that I don't make more UFOs. I'm not going to set a finish goal for my UFOs, I'm setting a cap on the number I can have! Which, currently, is however many I have. No more can be added! The theory is that some of these current UFOs will be more appealing if I'm not forcing myself to work on them...

Happy Friday!

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  1. It turned out super the yellow.


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