Friday, January 14, 2011


We got our espresso machine yesterday!!! I love it. Love, love love it. BTW, this former barista can still make better foam than half the people who have made me a drink since I left that job!!! I'm hoping it will help fuel a couple more bursts of quilting energy. I got more string blocks done for the mystery quilt,

These ones are awaiting paper removal and trimming. 
and turned 12 of the charms I cut into these fun blocks:

I think they need white around the edges to calm them down, maybe even sashing, but then I'll have a cute table runner for this summer barbecue my hubs is already planning!

Here's my problem/dilemma right now:

This doesn't look like enough strings to make 30 more string blocks. I think it would cut it very lose if I tried, and then if I had to get more neutral, I wouldn't want it only in a few blocks. I think I need to make a run to JoAnn's.... I just hate buying only neutrals!!! Now, if I could go pick out the fabric for the next big quilt I have planned, too, it would be much more fun! But that might have to wait a bit.

Hopefully, I'll hear back about one of the jobs for which I applied. My application is "under review," whatever that means. Let's hope the next step is an interview-- a part time job would mean more fabric money! :D

My next quilting adventure (ONE of them) is to start hand piecing triangle together.... an aimless waiting project that I can grab and go anytime I'll have to wait somewhere. We'll see what this creates!

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  1. Prayer for favor on getting the interview! Love your strings!


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