Friday, January 28, 2011

Slow going

This is what I was doing while most of the state was sleeping. Since I took this picture at 6 am, I have sewn 10 more purple hexies. I've been up since 4, so I'm sewing slowly at this point.

When Tim got up, he found a leaking pipe in the basement that caused all sorts of chaos- thankfully, he was able to temporarily fix it (I love being married to a handyman!).

So, we needed a little stress relief...

 Roid Rage Barbie (Our nickname for her since she's so muscular) joins the Air Force!!!
When she's not in uniform, she masquerades as a hoodlum.

I hope that brightens someone else's day as much as ours.


  1. I love your hexies, and well, your dog is just too elegant!


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