Friday, January 21, 2011


I am a pro at procrastinating. The last few days, I've let Tim be a distraction for any and all things productive (2 days a week is ok since they're his days off). Today, I need to get back to business.

I haven't been totally idle, though-

They remind me of poker chips... wouldn't that be a fun swap? Trading hexies?
I have 54 more hexies basted. Some of these were done in the truck yesterday when we went and picked up the last two pieces of a cabinet from my mom's. These little guys will probably become a Kindle cover- I don't have one yet, but it's on my wish list, and Tim is always looking for ideas for presents, so I told him it would be a great anniversary gift... and by July 4th I should have enough of these basted and maybe sewn together to make the cover for it! I need to decide what colors, though, since right now they're all sorts of random scraps. I'm thinking either pink/green/orange or blue/brown/green for color schemes.... I feel like I need a wider variety of each shade so I can lay them out and decide on which colors to focus.

But, like I said, I also need to refocus on other projects already in the works. RRCB is about a third assembled- 4 rows done, plus about half the border units. My sewing room has been soooooo chilly lately because it has 3 windows and not much sun, and today's going to be a HIGH of 11... I really want to make some more progress, but if I get so cold that I pin my finger to the fabric without feeling it again, I'll have to stop until a warmer day.

First things first: to the gym!!!

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