Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Inspiration at all hours

Have you ever had a project idea land in you head, fully formed, at a really random time?


I love this button- an awesome clearance find... 96 cents instead of $9! 

came to me as I was about 2 steps away from getting in bed last night. Not exactly good timing, but thankfully I had a scrap of paper and a pencil next to the bed, so I was able to sketch it out well enough to feel confident enough to go to sleep.

It's a small travel sewing caddy. It fits a small spool of thread, my small scissors, and a pack of needles, with three pockets to spare! Which means I could tuck in hexie papers in one, and cough drops in the other two since this will be taken on a plane and I always get dry mouth the second they put away the beverage cart... do they still have those? Or was that one of the many things now cut?

It was almost surreal the way it came to me, fully formed. Has anyone else had such a clear vision of a project land in the head like that?

It took 4 more of my random squares, too. That leaves probably 100 or so squares waiting to be designated towards one project or another. I love my Go... another reason I want to find a job-- so i can buy more dies for it!!!! Plus I whined asked Tim to take me to the LQS in Kokomo today- we've been here 7 weeks and I hadn't made it their yet! He was nice enough to let me pick out 3 FQ's to make a small project inspired by a floor.... which brings another reason I need/want a job-- to buy more fabric!!!

 I'm going to file this one away with a couple other projects I've designed... publishing a book is still a major goal of mine. The only way to achieve big things is to dream BIG THINGS!!!


  1. One thing I tell my children is if you have a dream, do it...little steps one thing at a time and then do it. Success is preparation meeting opportunity. I'll buy your book.

  2. which dies are on your 'want' list? I have a lot of the dies for the Go! cutter that I got on Ebay for only about $10 or less each. They are much cheaper when you buy them in lots. Of course, you have to get a whole bunch at the same time.


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