Saturday, January 22, 2011

Figure this one out

I got my eyes checked again yesterday (it had been awhile...). The good news is that I have contacts again, and they're the correct RX again. BUT GET THIS: I went from being nearsighted to being farsighted!!!! No wonder I was having trouble seeing! All I can figure is that because my astigmatism worsened, it caused things to switch again. But I'm no Dr, I'm just guessing. Last time it happened, I had been going through a growth spurt when I was 11. I ended up with a horrible headache by the end of the day, though- happens every time I get new contacts. But I got this done before I was in too much agony:

Just needs to be quilted and bound and it will be ready to be donated to AAQI.
 And basted a bunch more of these:
 And since Tim loves the AAQI quilt so much, I decided to make hexagon flowers for our spring wall hanging:
I really love these hexies. I see now why people are such fans of them. If I can hand-baste these with the headache I had last night, they are definitely easy. And stitching these together while watching a movie with the hubs this afternoon kept us both happy.

I'll be happy as a clam this March when I have to fly again since I can bring handwork like this. I haven't flown in two and half years... it will be interesting. But at least I'm on the same flights as my momma, and we'll be headed to Florida! Even though it's because we're finally spreading my dad, I think it will still be a fun trip. Especially if I can work in a trip to a quilt shop... :)

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  1. I love the bright colors of your hexxies. So often they are pastels. Yours are gorgeous.


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