Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I got hooked.

Tim called my RRCB in progress beautiful! That's even better than him calling me beautiful! I haven't made much more progress on it though... I've been on a quest of sorts.


I wanted to see if I could find a punch for them so I could conquer learn to English paper piece, and not that 7-hour fiasco that was the first hexie caddy. After much internet searching, and stopping in every place that carries any sort of paper crafting supplies in Kokomo (which, if you want to know, is only 5 according to Google maps), I came home and figured, No problem, I'll just print templates... but then the printer wouldn't communicate with my laptop! So I tried what I had to do last time- uninstall, then redownload software from the Lexmark website (last time I had to do this AFTER a 30 minute phone call with customer service). But guess what? Lexmark doesn't have the software link anymore!!!! Are you kidding me???? Thankfully, Tim saved the day... he was able to get the printer working earlier today, so I asked him- apparently Apple has the needed software, so just by plugging it in, my laptop identified what printer it was, and what it needed to function. This is why I love Apple! But it did take me about 2 hours to get frustrated, trace some pitiful hexies on my own, and finally hear back from Tim.

So, finally, while watching The Biggest Loser:

These are the pitiful hexies- they're slightly larger than the printed ones, but that's ok. I think this will get appliqued.... somewhere. But I have 5 sheets of 33 hexagons to play with. I cut on sheet already, and plan on basting the matching 7 pieces of fabric so that on our trip to get the last piece of furniture from my mom's I'll have something to do on the way up.

I'm telling you- Hexagons are addictive. Slow going right now, but I'm approaching them as a way to teach myself patience, especially while I feel like I'm in limbo again. So, stitch, stitch, breath.... if it's meant to be, it will happen.

Stitch, stitch, breath....

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