Sunday, January 23, 2011


Some people don't understand the appeal of football. They don't yell at the tv even when home alone, they don't frequent sports bars on big games with friends, they don't have not one but two jerseys for their team (one of which is Pink!).

But consider this: in the history of our great country, people used to go watch wars being fought. They would pack up a picnic basket and head to Bunker Hill, all in the name of entertainment. We used to watch people shooting at each other! So why is anyone surprised that football is popular? At least they have helmets, padding, and no one is pointing a musket!

Personally, right now I feel like Great Britain at the end of the Revolutionary War....

So close, Chicago, so close.

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  1. I watched, yelled, jumped up and down, clapped... even with the 3rd quarter back it looks like there might be hope. I'm a Giants fan by day.. but with them out I sure wanted the Bears to do it. They are tough and physical. But, not this time. Sigh! I feel for ya!


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