Saturday, September 4, 2010

A bad case of the "zombies"

Tim, my dear, loving, ever-entertaining husband, renamed my allergies "The Zombies". I had about 3 good weeks this summer between spring sneezing and this sudden onset of goldenrod-induced misery that causes me to sneeze, sniffle, moan from headaches, and stumble around under the influence of antihistamines, hence the new joke about me having a case of the zombies.

Think about it, though: Zombies groan, move slowly, don't seem able to see well, and want brains-- if they feel like me, all of this seems rational, even wanting brains! My head hurt so badly earlier I would have loved to trade it with someone else! And I felt so awful I was pretty grump, too,  grumbling as I stumbled through our little house.

Sadly, I didn't start feeling much better until about 3 hours after Tim left. He's going to be working midnights down there for the next month, so he didn't leave until after 5. By this time (and complicated by having the zombies), I really didn't feel like starting any sewing projects, but I haven't sewn ANYTHING since Wednesday. Withdrawal has been starting. So, a nice shower to clear my head, then a return to my sewing area... BAM! INSPIRATION! In the form of knocking over one of my storage boxes. I looked at the jelly roll of green and blue batiks and decided to go ahead and cut it up to make an adaptation of a patten in one of the many magazines I bought recently. What followed was 2 hours of cutting bricks and squares, then sewing about 12 flying geese units and then playing with placement, concluding that I do, in fact, need to pull another batik from my stash to add so that the colors will not crowd into themselves. I had planned on this, but I got tired of cutting and wanted to start piecing. Tomorrow morning, I will cut the non-JR batik to add, then resume piecing and hopefully get something photo-worthy before lunch time.

As usual, I am writing before heading to bed, and after rambling this long and still feeling slightly like a zombie, I do believe it is time to go to bed.

Keep Piecing!


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