Saturday, November 20, 2010


I did not win a Go... sigh. I think that was at least the tenth giveaway I had entered. I would be right there in line on Black Friday to get one, but Tim's pay is messed up so we have to be very careful about money until they get that fixed. Thank goodness for the Devines who have been letting him (literally) sleep on their couch so he hasn't had to pay for a hotel for the last month while we wait to move! I'm taking Cathi out for a pedicure whenever we finally get moved as a thank you to her for putting up with the Tim/Dustin pair this whole time, and since she's never had one (despite having had 2 kids!).

I think I must cave completely, though, and actually ask for the darn thing for Christmas. Why is it so hard for me to ask for a Christmas present???? Oh well. I'll suck it up, ask Tim, and he'll be ecstatic that I actually told him what I would like, and I'll feel greedy (especially since I already gave Mum the go ahead to get us a Kitchenaid stand mixer; I say "us" because Tim wants me to have one so I can continue to feed him all sorts of deliciousness for which my family is known).

But you know what's pretty awesome? I'm the guest blogger on Stash Manicure  today! Thanks to the lovely Mme Samm for letting me prattle on over their! Originally it would have shown a much different storyline-- moving, setting up a sewing room, sorting fabric, etc.... but I had to alter that since we haven't moved and MAKE DO with a new topic!

So last night I got 78 of the unit made for Step 1 of the mystery quilt from the lovely Bonnie Hunter. Go check out her whole website, not just the mystery- she's awesome!

This morning, I brought the total up to 125

Bright, bold, and very modern! LOVE.IT.
and also got enough strips sewn together for the remaining pieces

but two distracting dogs thought they were in need of attention, so I put my sewing away for a bit. I just need to press this pile and cut them into the units and I'll have step 1 done.  I love how bright it looks already. I almost wish there was more to work on already, but it's also nice to be able to call it "finished" for each step... makes it not so daunting. The dogs are sleeping again, so I think I can get these last pieces cut... And then what?

I'll have to dig in the boxes and unpack something... hmm, maybe I'll finally work on the letters for my MIL's quilt... Maybe!!!

Happy Saturday, everyone!


  1. Loved your post on Stash Manicure! I do so hope you get into a house soon!

    glen in Louisiana

  2. I like your color choices! This is my first mystery too.


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