Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Reasons I no longer adore birthdays:

The first decade or so, I was ofter sick. When I turned 11, I spent my birthday at the Dr and found out I'd be having my tonsils out over Christmas break.

When I turned 16, my parents forgot it was my birthday until 8 pm (I remember the time because Jeopardy had just ended and I started to cry, thinking I would be going to bed soon and no one remembered my birthday-- our family usually makes a huge deal complete with cake and cards on the actual day, not to mention either a favorite dinner or dinner out... Mom had made meatloaf. NOT my favorite). Later that week, my friends were taking me out to Don Pablos and I was SOOO VERY EXCITED, but then they took my inside one girls's house where it turned out there was NO trip to Don Pablo's, but rather pizza and way too many people waiting for a surprise party. My girl friends didn't get that I was excited to be spending time with just them, rather than a bunch of idiots, one of which was the all-too-clingy moron I was dating at the time. I know they meant well, but when you're excited for girls' night and chips and salsa and Jaritos, pizza and a crowd doesn't do it.

18- we had finals (weird trimester schedule). No one likes finals, no matter the day.

When I turned 19, a different boyfriend forgot my birthday.
When I turned 20, I got dumped by yet another different guy. He cancelled dinner plans and dumped me, and then said "oh, I didn't know today was your birthday." Funny, because the week before he had asked where he should make reservations for MY BIRTHDAY. I ended up surprising the kids I nannied by showing up at their school recital. That made the night better, and honestly, probably was more fun than it would have been with the Idiot. (Yes, I dated a lot of idiots!)

24- another idiot seemed to think he could buy my affections... we broke up rather quickly, thank goodness, because then I finally met (and married!) Tim. I don't really like presents because of all the guilt that comes with them. This is not a therapist's couch, so I won't go into that much, I'll just leave it at what Mum loves to call my gross feeling of inadequacy. Nevertheless, I hate receiving gifts- but I absolutely LOVE giving everyone else presents!

25- Tim and I had been married for 4 months (dated 5 months before we got married- lots of people called us crazy, but we both "just knew" within 3 days of dating officially! To be honest, though, we had known each other through our mutual friend for three years, so we weren't complete strangers). He got activated on the 6, but he was able to come home the weekend before, and because he's a giver AND know what makes me truly happy, he bought me my good sewing machine. And, to make me not feel so guilty about it, he told me what I could make for him with it. He had to return to the base for my actual birthday, so I went out with my mom to Olive Garden, which was more fun than a surprise party.

26- Today. We still haven't closed on the house- that would be the best "present" to get right now. Tim thought he would be able to get today off, but can't now. I'm going to end up back at Olive Garden with my Mom and grandparents. I got my flu shot yesterday so I don't feel super, either. The dogs woke me up early, and it's reached the time of year where this house will not stay warm (please let us leave soon!) which means my hands and feet are so cold they hurt no matter how many pairs of socks and gloves I wear.

Matt Lauer (the dog) seems to think if he licks me enough, I'll have a great day. Prudence thinks if she climbs in my lap I'll have an even better day!
And you know what? I THINK THEY ARE RIGHT! I love our dogs. They're giving me the smothering birthday love I need.... wait, they smother me every day. I LOVE OUR DOGS!!!

(And just so no one thinks Tim is slacking this year, I'm sure he'll at least have a card for me whenever he's able to get home or we get moved).

May a dog look at you with as much love as mine have when then battle for my attention, and may you have a happy day!


  1. It's funny how we tie past events with the time of year. I've had many sad events happen around Christmas and it makes that holiday a little bittersweet for me.

    I used to give the same birthday card to everyone--my stock is gone or I'd send you one--that basically said if you fret about the past and worry about the future, you'll miss out on the PRESENT (it was illustrated with a box with a big bow). Based on your follow-up Birthday blog post, it looks like you were able to enjoy the present and had a pretty good birthday this year, in spite of the obstacles ;-)

  2. I just found your blog through Stash Manicure and wanted to comment on this post. I love your attitude. It reminds me a bit of myself except that I'm about twice your age! I am also not a big fan of birthdays and especially HATE surprise parties of any kind. I learned that on the big birthdays I needed to plan exactly what I want to do so that there are no chances for surprises. On my 50th I brought in a national teacher and invited 12 of my best sewing buddies for a 2-day class. It was a blast.
    But the story I liked best is that you got a sewing machine for your birthday. It reminded me if when I got engaged at 27. Pfaff had just come out with their first computerized sewing machine and I wanted it badly. My fiance, mow husband, agreed to buy that for me instead of an engagement ring (I'm in the "jewelry is overrated" category). I knew i picked the right one then and we are still together. He was also military (Navy). Good luck with your move and happy belated birthday!


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