Friday, November 12, 2010

Happy Friday, everyone!

First of all, a reminder to anyone who posted for my giveaway... send me contact information! I have small prizes for EVERYONE. If I don't hear from the others by the end of next week, then I will have no choice but to "roll over" the prizes and host another giveaway later... like Christmas. Sophie and cheri will be getting their sleeves, though, since I have addresses for them.

And now onto fun stuff!

Today is going to be a Fun Friday, I do declare!

First off, I will be doing a little fabric shopping... no large purchases, just a couple things to play with while I wait one more week to move. I also need to pick up a part I ordered for my Fashion Mate. Then I have some finishes... All that's left to do on the present placemats is quilt the other three (I put them together last night while Tim played the latest Call of Duty-- we're sad the new one doesn't have a co-op campaign mode... so he gets to play by himself for the most part. I'll play while he's gone, and that way we're not fighting over who's turn it is!). Then, I will finish quilting the 2 pumpkin placemats that didn't get quilted yet (I got distracted, surprise!).

This afternoon, I'm meeting some friends at Hacienda... they have the best chili con queso! I could eat a whole bowl by myself, and MIGHT have done so on numerous occasions in the past.

Hopefully, by the end of today I'll have more photos of FINISHED things, or at least Fun things!

Happy Friday!

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