Sunday, November 14, 2010

I can't believe how long today has been!

Ta-da! I finished quilting and binding the last 2 pumpkin placemats! My drive to finish them had begun to wane since it doesn't look like I'll get to use them this year, but they were on top of one of the plastic bins I had packed, so I got them out this morning and finished them-- FMQ and machine-stitching the binding. These two have a different binding than the other two since I didn't have enough to do all four.  I still have a tiny hope that maybe I'll get to use them for a couple days before Thanksgiving... but for now, they are repacked in a different box (since they are no longer a work in progress!). It feels good to be finishing things... now if only we could finish the closing process!

The gold catches the light even in quick photos.
Last night, after hearing disconcerting noises outside and realizing I would be up a while longer until I calmed down, I got out what was the top of the pile in the packed WIPs box-- Grandma and Grandpa's tablerunner.  It took me way too long to find where I had packed the fabric for the backing, but I did find it and got it pieced big enough. Then, a conundrum... my one remaining semi-large piece of cotton batting is all packed Somewhere... but I had a piece of poly sitting right out where I could see it. I had never machine quilted with poly batting... until last night! I think it came out all right. I will be putting a care instruction label on this one so that they don't melt the bejeezus out of it.
The back side, also pretty.

The binding went on after lunch. Again, I machine-stitched it down (why did it take me so long to start machine stitching binding down? I love it!). I think it turned out rather well. I know my grandparents will love it. It will be packed in the Christmas box with all the other presents I have already, which means that's 2 things finished from the WIP box.

I ran an errand, then cleaned up Matt Lauer's first accident (to give him credit, he did go in the bathroom... unfortunately that meant the rug around the toilet is ruined.... oh well, I wanted a new one anyway). And then I needed to destress, so I pulled another WIP out of the box... I had 2 houses made from a kit I bought on the shop hop at the end of September. This is the only kit I have ever purchased, and reminds me why- once I got it home, I was discouraged by the lack of creativity. So I decided to make the two blocks it called for... and then ponder.

Tonight, I made the top left and the bottom right houses. I think I'm going to put them together like this, with some sashing in the middle, then borders, and call it a table topper rather than the awkwardly small and not sure what for sized piece the kit would have made (16" x 20"... what do you do with something that size if you don't have dolls?). I'm still glad I bought the kit, but also glad I bought it knowing I would not be making an exact replica... not my style. As soon as the Amazing Race is over, it's back to my machine... maybe I can get this all the way to a finished flimsy before I go to bed tonight.

I hope your Sunday was productive, too, even if that means you did a good job relaxing!

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