Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Another project that can be done during puppy naps

Right before Jen came to pick up her order this afternoon, I was struck like lightning with an idea for holiday placemats. Have you ever had a design idea slap you in the face, or whack you in the back of the head? That's what it's like sometimes! I love it! This was it... Presents! So, a quick trip to JoAnn's was in order (didn't feel like driving 30 minutes all the way to the LQS... JoAnn's is 10 mins away). 
The middle loop can hold a napkin! I can't find my fabric napkins... I think they got packed already or I would have put one up there to demonstrate. 
One hour of work later, and one is done! The other three are pinned and ready to to be stitched. I was pretty excited to find this green in the clearance section for $3, AND 50% off that for their Veteran's day sale, AND I had my extra 10% off coupon for my entire purchase. Which means my set of four placemats, once done, will have cost about $6 to make, and will have kept me busy (which, when I'm making things for myself, is like paying myself to play). I was able to get the first one completed during Matt Lauer's second nap.

They are very simple, but I love them. When Mum called and asked what I was doing tonight, I told her I'm working on my career... every project I design and make from start to finish like this is one step closer towards turning a profit from sewing/quilting. I may be young, I may be foolish. Whatever. One of these days, you'll see my name on that pattern you pick up at the LQS, and think to yourself, "I know her!"

I can't wait to show you the tree skirt I designed and made last year... as soon as we move, I'll bring it out and play show-and-tell, along with our stockings and the bird ornaments.... I was busy last year, too! (What else is a wife supposed to do during a deployment? This year he's going to be home, so he'll get to see these things for the first time, too!)

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