Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A mug rug, boxes, and a pretty pile

I spent enough time admiring my mug rug that my coffee got cold!!! But isn't it cute? Last night I was working on Christmas presents-- mostly my grandparent's table runner-- and I pieced 6 mug rugs as leaders/enders.... teehee. I had to finish at least one, so I chose the one I made for me. It made another place to practice machine stitching the binding, too.

This morning I packed three more boxes... this is part of one pile. I've lost count exactly how many boxes I've packed, which is good because it means I'm making progress!

Most of these pieces are either a fat quarter or a variously-sized remnant... except the bottom two, which were 1 yard cuts i got to back current projects.
And then I folded fabric... doesn't it look so pretty? These are the ones that were semi-folded and inhabiting the chair... if I fold the rest of the drawers this nicely, then these will probably fit!

See that penguin one near the bottom of the stack? It was a remnant, and begged me to bring it home... now we're having a conversation whether it would like to be made into holiday placemats, or coasters and mug rugs (some of which would be gifted away)... The penguins have resigned themselves to being cut up, but they just can't figure out which would be more fun!!!

Oh, dear, I'm talking to my fabric... this is what happens when Tim stays on base an extra day!!!

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  1. I found your blog a few weeks ago and just wanted to wish you good luck with the move. I agree the penguin fabric is great xx


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