Tuesday, November 9, 2010


1. Last day to enter my small giveaway. Go to the first November 1 post to leave a comment. Who ever wins will be contacted as soon as I get up tomorrow, and as soon as they send me an address, I'll head to the post office so the prize doesn't get packed by accident.

2. I've been up since 5:30 again thanks to the puppy Matt Lauer. So, I decided to unpack a couple pieces of fabric so I could make the second laptop sleeve Jen ordered and another coffee sleeve. In doing so, I have decided I'm DEFINITELY not charging enough! She's picking up her things today, at which point I'll collect what she owes and let her know prices are going up. I hate doing that, but I'm losing money on the coffee sleeves when I make them one by one like this, and the laptop sleeves take enough material I'm barely breaking even. But, what I've made for her so far has been good practice and has built enough confidence that I can justify raising the prices a bit.

They both came out well, though. She's picking them up today so that they, too, won't get packed and lost.

3. I repacked the fabric! And we still haven't heard when we're closing... :/ Hopefully soon.....

Nap time. Please let the dogs sleep at least an hour!

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