Sunday, November 28, 2010

RRCB step 2

Another step of the mystery quilt is done! And I have 16 extra pairs of HSTs. I was guessing as I paired up strips, hence the excess.
I made these this morning since I was up early to go out to breakfast, but breakfast got cancelled... so I got a decent amount of piecing done. The pictures are darker than I would like... those are really fuschia and navy. Another reason to look forward to moving--  more windows= better light!

The dogs are doing their best to make me forget how badly my foot hurts-- I let them outside, put their dinner in the bowls while they were out, then called them in only to see Prudence momentarily standing on Matt's back as they came running! She must have been trying to hurdle him again, and landed on top, making them look like my own two-dog circus!
(Did someone tell my dogs that Peru, Indiana is also known as the Circus City?)
And now Matt Lauer is doing a crazy hop and spin combo.... Crazy kids!

I'm going to go pack a few more boxes.. it gets easier knowing we're closer to moving, but harder because I have all the oddly-shaped things left to pack that don't fit easily into boxes.

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