Friday, November 19, 2010

A bright spot

In the chaos that has been whirling around, I keep finding bright sides... for example, the positives of not moving yet: Another free tire rotation will be due, one less week to drive only 25 mins instead of nearly 1 hour 45 minutes to class, the dogs can stay at our house during Thanksgiving instead of having the chaos of FOUR monsters at lunch that day, and yet they can still go to dinner at Val's, and last but not least, Tim and I can sleep in our own bed the night before and after the 5K! See all those positives I found to this delay? 

And then, there's this pile... Some of you can probably guess what it's for!!!

That's right: since the move is delayed again, I can get started on Bonnie Hunter's new mystery quilt, Roll, Roll, Cotton Boll! I took her color recommendations and then put my tweak on them, i.e. chose brighter pink, brighter green, substituted my blue for the brown, and substituted YELLOW for her constant of red.

I have never done a mystery quilt before.... it's exciting. Well, I've never done a planned mystery quilt, but sometimes my plans turn into mysteries before they're done!

I love the way the pile looks!!! If the dogs stay quiet, I'll be able to make some serious progress on step one. :)

Another thing I got done... these mittens!

They're for my BFF. She loses mittens like The Biggest Loser contestants lose weight. So, these are perfect, since they only took an hour to make. I'm going to try to find one of those cords you give little kids to run under their coats and attach to mittens to put in with these. The mittens are SOOO warm since they are fleece-lined fleece. Mmmm, cozy!

If things go even remotely to plan, we might move December 1st. Which means I have about 12 days (feels like deja vu counting from their again) to work on stuff, which is enough time to unpack some things....Time to return to my sewing area...  let's see how much more progress I can make on Christmas presents and projects!


  1. Love the yellow! That's a bright move! No pun intended...well, maybe a little.

  2. Hi Kasey, Looks like you have been busy. All the best on your move.. Can't wait to see the finished quilt. Love the yellow..


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