Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Too busy?

Honest opinion... is this too busy? part of me LOVES the motion, but another part of me says to get rid of the stars and just do the strippy blocks.... but then I would need to make 8 more strippy blocks and I would have 8 random wonky stars... neither of which is really a problem. I'm just undecided.

Opinions welcome.

I can't wait until I have a design wall to play with...

Don't forget, I've got a small (very small, but hey, I'm unemployed) giveaway going on. Find the first Nov. 1st post.


  1. How about the stars in the middle, make one more... and then a border of the wonky blocks around it?

  2. I confess, I like busy quilts ... for me, the star blocks make it interesting, NOT too busy ;-)

  3. Well just say it would go with everything...lol
    I would leave it as is..frankly..the stars have a bit of wompfff...I don't even think that is a word..but I think you get the jest..

  4. I make-and love- liberated quilts and I often like mine to be the less-busy kinds. However, I think your dark stars look great--I say keep them in! I think they add some calmness to your cheerful colors by giving a place for the viewer to rest her eyes.
    Sometimes plain fabric borders can accomplish the same thing, for resting our eyes.


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