Monday, November 1, 2010

Well then.

In class tonight, my poetry professor asked me what the "polite" term is for a person who sews... is there a "rude" one? It made me laugh, especially since Cheri had brought up a similar conversation a couple of days ago in the Stashbusters group.
And since it's getting colder at night, this is what my side of the bed looks like.... that's right, if you count the bedspread, there are FOUR quilts, all of which I made in the last year and a half.

It's too late to get motivated to pack any more boxes tonight. I'll fold fabric instead... maybe figure out what to work on tomorrow!

As it stands right now, Cheri has a lock on the giveaway... good thing I already have her address. :) If anyone else wants a chance, go here and leave a comment. Or scroll down... it's the post before this.

1 comment:

  1. Hey the fabric will need to be folded before it can be packed so that should count towards packing. And that gives you license to sew another block, right? Really like that silver quilt.


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