Monday, November 8, 2010

The perils of packing

I was very productive today, and got some more things packed away... we could close any day now (I hate being in limbo like this, but when you're working with the VA, and your mortgage broker's assistant has a name more suitable for an exotic dancer, things take longer than they should...). I packed some kitchen things, and then packed (don't gasp) ALL OF MY FABRIC.

Yeah. I was optimistic we'd hear today when we would close... I packed it all up this morning. Class was cancelled, giving me such a light, free feeling. By the time dinner with Mum rolled around, I was hoping I would have news... and now here I sit, Bored.

And so far, we haven't heard. A happy phone call tomorrow would make it less of a problem, and give me motivation to pack even more rather than make mug rugs and piece wonky letters or find something new to work on...

So now the dilemma, made even more difficult by the knowledge that I have a copy of Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks on the way, is: will I be stuck here long enough to justify unpacking some of it?


Or, I could use the "birthday money" the LQS sends out and buy a couple more fat quarters to play with... teehee....

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  1. I vote for new could justify making a Christmas gift for someone in the breaks between packing boxes. After all one must relax the muscles from the lifting, bending etc that packing requires. And a visit to the LQS would stretch those leg muscles.


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