Friday, November 26, 2010

Black (boot) Friday

Thanksgiving this year was so fun! Everyone who was in town for the meal got up for the Turkey Stampede and either walked or ran a 5K. My brother and his wife and Tim and I all ran-- sibling rivalry is still alive and kicking, though, since my brother ran despite an injury just because I was running, and at about the halfway point Tim just shook his head as I encouraged him to pick it up a little... we ended up finishing 50 seconds faster than my brother!

I knew this was going to happen, too....

I'm back in a walking boot. I know I really should not have run yesterday, but I promised everyone concerned I would put the boot back on, and maybe this time it will heal since Tim is home (which means he can do all the yard work, heavy lifting, etc. rather than me doing EVERYTHING like last spring while he was deployed.... hmm, maybe that's why it never felt 100% better).

Today is another day to be thankful... thankful that I'm not working retail this year! I've worked 7 black Fridays behind one register or another, always 8 hours shifts of seeing people at their worst. We're talking haggard, sleep-deprived people who on a normal day knew my name, but on that day acted like a grizzly woken in January. I think i would prefer the grizzlies, actually. So today, I am thankful I did not have to brave the crazies. If the timing had been better, the Go! deal at JoAnn's would have tempted me, but not this year. Not when the military has messed up Tim's pay (it happens to Everyone who goes AGR) and we don't know when it will get resolved completely. There are more important things.

I helped Mum as much as I could decorating her tree. She then let Ben and I sort Dad's old ornaments.... we used to put up a second tree in the basement that was entirely devoted to vehicles-- mostly cars, but also planes and motorcycles. It was a bittersweet thing- kind of like picking over a Christmas carcass- but Benny and I laughed through it, especially when he ended up with the last ornament, which was this really goofy little police car (think of the movie Cars) that he called the booby ornament. I have a feeling it might end up in my stocking at Mom's house as a joke.

Today wasn't a shopping day for me at all. I made it through the entire day buying only one thing:

And now that I"m home for the evening, it's FINALLY time to sew!!! Left footed, of course!

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