Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Food, glorious food

I made a chicken Caesar salad wedge for us for dinner tonight.... AND an apple pie! I was going to made turnovers as a grand experiment, but had too much filling, so I turned it into a pie. YUM!

Tim was pretty thrilled with the menu. :) Making a good dinner like that is so satisfying. I'm one of those people who would rather make their own dinner rather than go to a restaurant. Mostly because it tastes so much better!!! And, as Tim pointed out, I know there are no allergens lurking. Speaking of which, I want to write a letter to Hot Rod Bob's salad dressing company and thank them for being the only brand I've been able to find that doesn't have xanthan gum, guar gum, gum acacia, cellulose gum or carageenan. These are all thickeners, which sometimes function as preservatives, too, and I'm allergic to ALL OF THEM. If you want to see how frustrating this can be when it comes to salad dressing, go grab the bottle out of your fridge- I bet it has at least one. But Hot Rod Bob's dressings are safe AND yummmmmmmy!

I haven't sewn yet today... we've been running around, first to Tim's mom's, then just running after the dogs, then to the grocery... funny how the day escapes like that. I think it's time to try out the grippers mom got me for my quilting rulers.... :)


  1. Hi Kasey...I sew agree with you...I don't care how many stars a restaurant has..I would rather eat at home..and we a Caesar and an apple pie sound divine.. btw thanks for putting up your post I have scheduled you for Saturday ( this 20th nov) instead of Monday...great post wink...samm

  2. take a peak at the additions..changes..and let me know...

  3. Your meal sounds very yummy, and homemade pie is always the best.


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