Monday, November 29, 2010


I like Mondays. At least, after breakfast, I like Mondays.  Perhaps that is because none of the jobs I've had ever had a M-F schedule... I almost always worked weekends, so Monday was just another day to me.

I also like Mondays because of their history. My dad was a barber, and Monday was his day off. When I was really young, he used to take me along on his errands, which meant riding around in a truck or SUV, staring out the window, and making idle 5-year-old chit chat with my dad. We always had to go to the bank, which (oh, shucks) was just a couple blocks away from Dairy Queen. I used to love chili cheese dogs! And then a small soft serve sundae covered in hot fudge.... MMMMM!!!

So today, Monday, November 29, I am not dreading what the day will bring like so many people seem to do. I'm looking forward to meeting with my Professor about my poetry, running errands, going to class, and then coming home to pack some more. I'm almost out of boxes! I don't know how much (if any) sewing I'll get done, but the move is fast approaching... :)

Have a happy Monday!

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