Sunday, November 7, 2010

Momma, momma! If puppies could talk...

You would think a boy that big, even a dog boy that big, wouldn't be so needy... but no. If Matt could talk, he'd be saying, "Momma, where are you? I can't see you, where are you?" He's ok as long as he can see me, even if I'm in a different room, but if I go around a corner and he can't see me anymore, it doesn't matter if he can hear me, if I talk to him, or anything-- he does this pathetic mewl for how big of a puppy he is already!

I will admit: it is nice to know he loves me that much already!!!!!

Despite the whining, I got 3 more mug rugs made today (gifts), plus one for me(I couldn't resist!), and 6 more boxes packed. That's not counting the wrapping paper storage box I FINALLY bought and put all the wrapping goodies in, nor is it counting the storage tub I got to put Christmas things in that had been floating around in random boxes since last year. I also bundled up all the fabric that was nicely folded but not able to fit in my rolling drawer thing and put it in a reusable tote I had laying around. So, if I want to make myself feel really productive, I could say I packed 8 boxes, and one tote!

Aunt Rose will probably get this one...

And this one is for me!!! Teehee! Isn't the pocket cute? It just happened be made of the cupcake that would line up like that, so that's how I chose where to put the pocket. LOVE. IT!
Since I've been making mug rugs galore, I think my reward sewing should be something else... unless I decide on another mug rug for someone else on the list... :)

But first, dinner. Gotta love California Pizza Kitchen's frozen BBQ chicken pizza... it means I'm just 15 minutes away from YUM!

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