Saturday, November 27, 2010

Miracle? Maybe...

They still had one at 9:30 this morning. I sent Tim this picture... I was trying to make a strong hint so he would have a good idea for a Christmas present without me actually asking for it... but then he texted me back, and told me to go ahead and get it now!!! As a belated birthday present! Which means I've been playing with it this afternoon rather than waiting for Christmas! :)
Oh Happy Day! I've got a new toy! :)
I made this with the die that comes with the Go. I have no idea what it will be when it grows up, but I don't really care. It's fun, and bright, and could be part of a new purse, or adding some more HSTs could make it a medallion, or who knows! I don't care, I have a Go!!!!

Which makes it easier for Tim to shop for me for Christmas-- I already know what other dies I would love for it... like the Tumblers, Rob Peter to Pay Paul, Apple Core.... there's the benefit of having tried so hard to win one through those giveaways- I've analyzed over and over again what would be most useful to me.

The best part about the Go today is that fact that I was able to cut fabric while wearing my boot without massive discomfort. The boot makes it difficult to get down on the floor where I am still cutting for a few days more. But my Go is perched on top of my Fashion Mate sewing cabinet (which is tucked away waiting to be moved).

I did get another die for it, too... they were on sale, so I got the 5" squares. This way, I can make a charm pack of washed fabric... no more irritation to my hands!

Can a get a hooray all around???!

I had to wait until after lunch to play with it, because my brother and I had some unfinished business... our parents used to fight about these two UGLY ceramic vases. My entire childhood, these vases stood in one room or another in their hideousness. One of the airedales we had broke them one year, but Dad was sooooo attached he glued them back together with what looked like wood glue- it was the only way those vases could have gotten uglier! So, since our whole family has a sense of humor, before Dad passed away it was determined that the vases would persist as long as he was alive, but after that, they had a date with a golf club.
2 vases, 2 children.... Ben took 2 swings to demolish his, but I only took one beautiful WHACK to turn that thing into shards and ceramic dust!!! This is how we grieve in my family. :) It's rather cathartic; you should try it.

Tim just reminded me via text that I promised him a new beanie by Tuesday, so I guess I should prop my foot up where it belongs and sit back and crochet a new green hat for him.

It's been an awesome day!

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