Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Winners! picked #3 for the winner.... BETH!!! However, I cannot get ahold of you.... so I'm giving you 48 hours to contact me so you can claim your prize!

Second place... picked #6-- SOPHIE!!! You won the two sleeves! "Ask,, and ye shall receive..." Looks like the random number generator listens, too!

But you know what? There were only 5 people to enter total.... so farhill49, Rubyd, and Cheri, I'm going to try contacting ALL OF YOU and I will send you three each a sleeve, too, as a thank you for helping me celebrate my birthday this year.

*EDIT* I'm going to have to try another method of accessing the emails for you all... it's still not opening them like it should! If any of you see this before I get a hold of you, email me: trtlgrl15 AT yahoo DOT com and let me know.


  1. What a sweetie you are to reward everyone ... what a wonderful way to hold a drawing ;-)

  2. What a nice surprise and a sleeve for my cappacinno I treat myself to on class day! So generous of you! Less to pack, too, huh? giggles


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