Friday, November 19, 2010


Yesterday, while Tim took a nap and these 2 snuggled and pretended to love each other, I started a new project... and it doesn't involve sewing at all!!! GASP!

Jen had taken me to get a pedicure for a belated birthday present (I love pedicures! I just wish they didn't make my talus {this very middle bone of the ankle} hurt so badly from that persisting bone bruise). Afterwards, she asked me to come along to a yarn shop that neither of us had investigated yet... and I came home with these two skeins of Cascade 50% wool/ 50% llama yarns! And since yesterday we still didn't know about the whole closing on the house deal, I started the most mindless, stress-relieving project I could- a scarf. I love scarves, LOVE LOVE LOVE them. And this yarn will make this a very cozy scarf! And the colors are soft and pretty and should look lovely with all of my winter gear, from my black fleece to my brown sherpa coat. :)

It was over a foot long by the end of their nap. I intend to knit some more tonight, perhaps finish it if I don't need any more yarn to make it long enough.

Today started out with Tim leaving to go back to his base for work again... so I decided to go to JoAnn's and spend at least part of my birthday gift cards. I found a couple treats- a 30 degree triangle ruler on clearance for less than $4, a cute pincushion with scissors that stash in the center of it, some pretty green blenders, and then (Tim would be exasperated) I spent some of my gift card money on materials to finish some Christmas gifts. In a way, making those presents is a gift for me, since it keeps me busy and makes me Oh So Happy when the recipients are so pleased.

I still have some $ left, And I will probably wait to use them for awhile... and I'll try to use them on myself, Honey, I really will!!!

Now if only we could get a definite closing date... it's been "scheduled" for Wednesday, but being that this is the third time it's been scheduled, and it keeps getting messed up, I can't let myself get excited yet. Especially because we still wouldn't be able to move because until at least December 1st. I don't know anyone else who has bee in the process of closing as long as we have... I've lost count of how many weeks it's been. We've filed three extensions, and will have passed 2 holidays by the time we get in there.... I'm so frustrated, I need to go sew!

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