Monday, November 22, 2010

Good idea/bad idea

I spent today with my family- my older brother, his wife, and my mom. We walked around Michigan City's outlet mall longer than intended, so I didn't get home until I should have been in class already... oops. I truly believe spending time with family like today is not something I can turn down. Last year taught me that. Today, though, I learned that walking around for 6 hours the day after running 1.5 miles is not a good idea, especially when said events are done on a bone bruise that refuses to go away.


This is what I've been up to tonight:

It's nearly done! Hooray!

So, despite being relegated to the couch for the evening, I'm looking forward to tomorrow when I'll get to wear my new scarf with my new thermal that I got for $10! If it's going to get cold, bring it on... I'm ready!!!

PS- This does NOT mean I won't be running on Thanksgiving! I'm too stubborn for my own good. :) But I promise to rest after that!!! Mmm, turkey comas....

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  1. Family is so important! And we are all so involved in activities. It's vital to do with family when opportunities arise. The scarf looks warm & soft.


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