Thursday, November 11, 2010


To those of you who posted on my birthday giveaway on the 1st of November: I cannot get a hold of you if you are no-reply, or have no profile, or did not leave any other way to contact you, or haven't since commented letting me know how to contact you, or didn't see the last post about emailing me ( trtlgrl15 AT yahoo DOT com )
PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE get a hod of me! Especially Beth, since the random # generator picked you to win!

I don't know what to do if you don't....
Cheri, and Sophie, never fear, yours are being mailed tomorrow (why do I always forget there's no mail on Veteran's Day?)

My attempt at spreading birthday fun is being derailed!!! Help me out so I can send your prize! Thanks.

PS. I hope you thanked a veteran today... I made mine coffee, then took him out to Martin's where he got free lunch, then to Applebee's for free supper, and now we're going to snuggle up for movie night. :)


  1. It's the day after but please give your veteran an extra hug from me today and every day you think of it. I appreciate them all!

  2. Kasey, I think we ALL forget that there's no mail on Veteran's day ... unless we happen to work for the post office. On Monday, when I walked into my new (contract) job, I noticed the office was dark and I didn't see signs of another person. For a moment, I thought the company had a holiday on Monday, too, and no one told me. (That wasn't it, I guess a lot of people ended working from home--as a contractor, I can't do that and I envy them)


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