Friday, November 5, 2010

I must be crazy

THIS guy is why my sewing was next to nonexistent yesterday... Tim wanted a second dog, and I agreed to a point that Prudence, our bull terrier, was going to be lonely once we moved away and she couldn't play with Fergie everyday... so we ended up driving to Toledo, bringing Prudence along for approval, and brought him home, too. Everyone, meet MATT LAUER!!! (Tim picked the name. He's not a huge fan of Matt Lauer the human, he just thinks it's hilarious to give a dog such an odd name, and I agree).

Tim had me pick up all 50+ pounds of Matt to show scale.
I love him dearly already, but I would like to get some packing and sewing done! It's hard to do when you're constantly watching two dogs.

He really is a character. I'm not sure Prudence is totally cool with him living here yet.... she's waivering between play play play and retreating to her chair and giving him and us a stink eye.

I love dogs. I really do. they are such playful, happy animals... and even when they're a pain in the butt, they know how to give you the cutest/silliest look that always makes me smile.

Now, let's hope I can at least get a mug rug bound today!

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  1. We love our dogs too, and yours are just too adorable!


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