Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Birthday month to me!!!

I demolished a whole bag of Riesen's in 24 hours... teehee... I have no will power when it comes to those candies!

Oh, what, you don't care about my current sugar high... you remember my promise of a giveaway in November.... well here it is!!!
3 fat quarters (from the LQS, and unwashed), a spool of rose ribbon, and a floral reusable coffee sleeve!!! Don't ask why the rose theme... I really don't know. Maybe because I love roses? Well all flowers, really... Maybe because I have an Aunt Rose? Maybe because after October, I usually return to my rose-colored glasses? 

And since you all are such lovely people, I decided to include a second prize...

Two coffee sleeves... or tea sleeves, if you're not a coffee drinker. Or cider, or hot chocolate.....basically any hot beverage you purchase while out that requires one of those brown cardboard things... use these and save trees!!!

(I sell, or rather try to sell these reusable sleeves...remember that craft festival debacle... so far, I've sold 6... 5 of which my best friend bought for her other friends for Christmas. People around here that I've given them to love them, so I figured I'd give some to you, my bloggy friends!)

Anyway.... HOW TO ENTER:

Comment on THIS POST. Only comments on this post will count! AND make sure I can get a hold of you-- if you're "no-reply" I can't tell you if you won! 

2 Chances!!!

1. Tell me where you were in your life when you turned 26... or if you're not there yet, where are you now? 
2. If you are a follower, or become one because you just have to have a sleeve (teehee), comment again saying so.

Comments will close at midnight on November 9... no, that's not my birthday, but we're moving around the 12th, and I want to get these mailed before then so they don't get misplaced.


  1. You know I am a follower! Glad you got 26 plus more!

  2. When I was 26 I was in West Covina California. Wife and mother of 2 working as a waitress. Oh happy days.

  3. I became a follower because your enthusiasm is wonderfully infective! Of course the sleeves are tempting too. Found you by way of Stash Manicure. When I was 26 (many moons ago!), sadly I had been married for one year and my heart knew it wouldn't work out. But as many moons passed, God has graced me with valuable lessons and wonderful second chances!

  4. You always have great ideas in your blogs. I have to keep reminding myself to finish the UFOs I have before starting anything else. It's tough tho when you have such cute stuff.

  5. I am loving your style....I have subscribed to your blog as a result of a posting by Cheri over on the QuiltvilleChat site....Long ago when I turned 26 I was living on a ranch in south central Kansas, I was a mom to 3 and soon to be surprised by number 4...I look back now and see that I did not know as much as I thought I did, but I did know what was important in life....if only I had discovered quilting then...oh well, better late than never.

  6. You made me think and do math before I've finished my coffee. When I was 26, I was living in Massachusetts, happily married and only sewing things like drapes and dresses ;-)

  7. I was already a follower ... but I'd still love a coffee cup sleeve. I've been meaning to make one for myself forever, but never got around to it.