Monday, September 27, 2010

"I'm sorry, you scared me, and my blood pressure dropped so I can't see..."

I'm not going to class tonight-- a migraine started coming on around noon, and was getting worse so I laid down for a nap on our couch... about an hour or so later, I was scared to death by a pounding on the door-- I leapt up and saw it was the mailman, so I opened the door-- Tim's latest knife had arrived and needed a signature-- but then I scared the mailman when I tottered against the side of our house! I had to explain to him that he scared me awake from a nap, and that I have really low blood pressure so when I stand too quickly, I sometimes faint. I don't think he's ever heard anyone say, "I'll sign that as soon as my vision returns." This whole incident caused the headache to Explode! Which is why I am at home rather than driving to class, getting ready for another nap, but writing this mildly amusing little vignette first.

On a happier note, the house hunt resumes tomorrow! I'll be getting up bright and early to meet Tim to go look at some more houses. This time, I'll remember snacks!

Maybe if I get a good nap I'll feel better yet tonight... I really wanted to work on the EPL more than just cutting squares this morning... it can wait. The beauty of piecing and quilting is that it will wait another day.

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