Thursday, September 16, 2010

Two new phrases

I just heard a delightful quote on the Today Show: "Gardeners are people who see the future." I love that!!!! I think it can be applied to quilting, too-- I can't tell you how many times I've show my mom a selection of fabrics, and she'll raise an eyebrow not in doubt but wondering HOW I will make these "fighting fabrics" play nicely. She admitted earlier this week that she wasn't sure the table runner fabrics went together, but look how that turned out! I love my momma... I have to help her cut out a bed runner for my old bedroom. I hope my mom finds even half as much joy in piecing as I do-- since our move is imminent (despite the date still unknown), I want to help my momma  find a new hobby. Sewing isn't new to her, but quilting is. So, let's hope Sunday afternoon fins my mom happily stitching away after I give my first lesson! The exciting part is that she's been bragging to her friends, and I will be giving a basic lesson to  one of the ladies at the dentist!

On to quote number 2. I woke up from a strange dream, but in the fog a good retort came to mind: What did you make today? As in, when someone is disparaging about my lack of a job, or lack of desire to drink every night, I can reply, "What did you make? I made a quilt top, finished a table runner, made a pillow cover...." and so on.

And with that, I am off to go get some piecing in before Tim gets home!


  1. In spite of a bit of an orthodontia problem ;) you are lovely, Kasey, inside and out, as are your quilts and quilting. Your blog is refreshing honest....which is something we need in the world of liberated quilters and quilt making, so I am delighted to see your application for the Yahoo libquilters board and hence, have a chance to track you back to here.

  2. Ooops! Defective link back, google is having some kind of email linking issues. Wow, that was interesting! I have two separate emails and it only recognized my blog, my profile or me, in one of them...first time that has ever happened! Here is the real me link.


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