Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I hope so!

Did we find "the one?" I HOPE SO!!! We are going to put an offer in on one of the houses we saw today-- it is absolutely gorgeous, sits at the end of a small, quiet street, and on top of a wooded hill, has a basement, hardwood floors,  washer/dryer IN THE MASTER BATH area (which is awesome because I had "designed" a dream home where my washer/dryer would be in my walk-in closet), 2 other bedrooms, an updated kitchen, attached garage, etc!!! I really hope the offer gets accepted!!!! One of the two extra bedrooms is on the smaller size-- nothing bigger than a twin bed would be comfortable... so, if we get this house, OH SHUCKS, IT WILL HAVE TO BE MY SEWING ROOM. You can tell I'm deeply upset that my husband told me this. ;)

I'm surprised that I got home as early as I did. Glad, too, since that meant Tim was able to go to bed when I left around 2:30. I was home by 5, so I might get some sewing done yet!

Say a prayer that it goes through!

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