Friday, September 17, 2010

Early to rise, early to sew

The reappearance!

I got up a little early and got some piecing in before the hubs woke up, which means the pumpkin place mats are starting to take shape, and the nine patches are disappearing! Haha, bad quilt joke. I also figured out last night how I want to quilt my mom's wall hanging. The last thing I recall before I fell asleep was the decision to try for a leafy pattern on the border. YAY!

Tim and I talked to a banker today about a mortgage. It was good to start the process-- the mortgage broker is going to be calling Tim next week-- but it is also frustrating to have not really gotten anywhere beyond "The rates are low. If we find you can afford it, it's a great time to buy." Thank you, Captain Obvious. If we have to live in an apartment for a while, it will still be better than here, but I know Tim wants to be able to buy a house even more than I do. BUt, given that we haven't talked to an actual broker, just the initial customer service rep, then I don't think we should get discouraged yet. We're not dreaming of a palace, just a place to call ours. So, we're still hopeful, and praying for the opportunity to own a home.

I made a goal (to change back to quilting): I want to finish piecing and quilt the D9P on Sunday. I already know how I want to quilt it, which will be a relatively simple swirl. Then, Monday I have class, so Tuesday I will finish my Mom's piece. This way, the D9P can be sold at the festival, and Mom will get her birthday present on time!

So, for now, I must keep thinking positively about all of my goals!

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