Saturday, September 18, 2010


Mom's "art" is ready for binding- YAY! THe only problem? I don't have any!!! The brown I used around the edges was too small of a piece, so I dug through and found a similar brown that will (hopefully) end up giving even more of the framed effect I'm attempting. I'll cut the binding strips tomorrow and find out... :)

I still have to decide what color to bind these with...
Quilting/back of place mat.

I got all four pumpkin place mats pieced, and two of them are quilted! However, during the second one, i heard what I thought was thunder (disproved by my iPhone), then thought might be the neighbor slamming his garbage can around (not that either), and then Mom called and asked if I had heard loud booming... so whatever it was, my mom, who lives 4.5 miles to the east, also heard. I'm puzzled. I've searched the internet for any local explosions, fireworks displays, or band events, and nothing seems to explain what we both heard. It's nice to know she heard it, too, since that means I wasn't hallucinating strange noises!!! Tim's back at work, or he would probably have some sort of logical explanation... or simply hug me and remind me that he'll protect me if it's a Boogeyman. :)

You'll notice the place mats aren't perfect-- I gave up being a perfectionist when I realized I could coast and stay top 10 in high school. Stressing for perfection isn't fun. So, rather than agonize over place mats, I just sat down and put the pedal to the floor. The pumpkins' lines aren't straight, but neither are Real Pumpkins!!!And, I did NOT cross over my meanderings this time! Small victories are just a big of a "W" in the win column!

I want to go find a pumpkin soon. I love pumpkins! Maybe that's why they became the theme for the place mats... I think Prudence has the right idea for tonight, though-- when my dog puts herself to bed, i know it's about time for me to head that way, too. We had a busy day....

which included a visit to the MIL's and her chickens!

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