Sunday, September 12, 2010

Dear Prudence....

Prudence, the bull terrier extraordinaire. 
How on earth is this comfortable? My dog is one strange puppy. She was laying like this earlier today. Right now, she's growling at an NFL commercial... she must know it has Eagles fans, not Bears fans in it (nothing against the Eagles... we're just Bears girls here!).

The Bears won today! And they beat the Lions (Mom's team). That made for a much more pleasant trip to Target with her afterwards-- she's a much more gracious loser than winner!

This is what she did for about an hour after her bath... clung to her towel like a barnacle. She doesn't mind baths; the evil eye is because I sprayed her with flea mist again. Grumpy puppy!

The pieces have been rearranged a little, but this was a reference shot.

While she's been watching the Redskins/Cowboys game, I've been working on this and listening to the game. This is for a new design of mine. I wish I had had more purples to make it look scrappier, but alas, I only had 4 shades. I still like it, and it should turn out to be pretty cool once it's done... The thing I love most about this project is how awesome my new rulers are-- for this one, I've been using the EZ Angle (I am in no way affiliated). It is making the cutting and sewing of the triangles so much easier. While I like sewing multiple triangles at a time like I do when I cut using those silly 7/8 measurements, this ruler is helping me eliminate fabric waste. AND it means I can use strips in sizes I normally cut anyway! Hooray all around!!! It was definitely worth the money- especially since I got it half-off on Labor Day weekend!

Off to bed soon. I need to get better rest tonight-- I have class again tomorrow.

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